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Hollywood star, Hakeem Kae-Kazim shows up in Asaba Location

20 Aug , 2015  


kazimIt’s always a breathtaking affair when Nollydwood meets Hollywood. This time it involves a love interest as who is known for Hollywood blockbusters like ‘X Men Origins, ‘Wolverine’, ‘The Fourth Kind, pirates of the Caribbean 3.’

Hotel Rwanda, and many more, and who has also featured in some Nigerian hit movies like ‘Black November, Inale, Last flight to Abuja, and Half of a yellow sun comes back to Nigeria again in a different light.

He is currently on the set of ‘Marrying A Campbell’ in Asaba, the Delta state capital where he is shooting alongside Delta state born talented Nollywood actor David Ogbeni popularly known as Dave Ogbeni and current Mr Nigeria and MTV Shuga star Emmanuel Ikubese

Marrying  A Campbell is A romantic Comedy Produced by Caesar Oruade and Directed by Ayana Saunders. It stars Hakeem Kae- Kazim,Dave Ogbeni,Yvonne jegede,Chelsea Eze, Babara Soky, Bridget Brown, Harry B ,Emmanuel Ikubese (Mr Nigeria 2015)Babalola  Nino.
Log Line – Rachael is a Social climber who will stop at nothing to protects her family social status to ensure that they remain amongst the high and mighty. She and her family (Daughters) just recently relocated from the United States to join the Father  Charles Campbell in Nigeria. we follow their daily lives as she screens every gently man who come her daughters way.

Hollywood actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Hollywood actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Dave Jegede and Yvonne

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Nollywood twins, Chidinma and Chidebere Aneke say It’s against their religion to search for husbands

15 Aug , 2015  


Aneke-TwinsNollywood twin actresses, Chidinma and Chidebere Aneke, in an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats have denied they bleach their skins following the bashing they get from social media commentators each time they post their pictures online.

In a telephone chat with Saturday Beats, one of the twin sisters, Chidinma said, “My sister and I still use the same cream, we have not changed it at all. It is just that we do not go out when the sun is scorching. We do not use any bleaching cream. Before, the cream we use was about N350 until the price increased to N550. We did not use anything on our skin to be fairer and we are not bleaching. We still use the same soap we have been using. People ask us how we make our skin glow and we recommend the same things we use to them. They come back to tell us that it didn’t work for them. Our skin care product is not expensive, it is very affordable. I don’t know what they mean by we bleach our skin,” she said.

Meanwhile, as they celebrated their birthday recently, Saturday Beats asked the actresses if they weren’t getting married soon.

They said it was against their religious belief to search for husband.

“There is a difference between my private life and my public life. That I am a celebrity does not mean people should know about my relationship. It is when we are getting married that we will let them know. For now, we are not in a relationship. We are not searching because the Bible says that he that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour. We are not searching for men, instead, they should search for us. We cannot be searching; it is in the Bible, how can the woman be the one to be searching for a man?” It is against our belief,” she said.

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9 Aug , 2015  


DAKORE EGBUSONDakore Egbuson Akande is not a new name in Nollywood. She has acted in over fifty movies. The mother of two and ambassador of Action Aid speaks with ADEWOYIN ADENIYI about her journey into Nollywood, marriage, among other eclectic issues.

HOW did acting start for you?

To be honest, I never set out to be an actress. I always wanted to be a singer and a journalist. I studied Mass Communication at the University of Lagos. I had my Diploma In 1997 and then I went back for my degree in 1999 and in-between, I was working with NTA and Channels television as a presenter. I also worked with Dudu Orume, if you can remember Best of Football. I actually started with sports and then it was while I was there I met Emem Isong and she said she liked my looks, the way I spoke and the way I carried myself. So, she offered me a role in my first movie, which was Silent Tears. It just kind started from there. If anybody told me that I would be an actor today, I wouldn’t believe that there are many parts to what you are supposed to be.

As an actress, what motivates you?

I guess what motivates me is the fact that I know that what I have is a gift from God and I have an obligation to praise him through being successful. I don’t want to let him down, I don’t want to get to heaven to be asked what I did with the talent I was given. That’s why I always stay humble. I have always stayed down to earth because I know that’s what I have to do to reach that height.

You are beginning to sound religious…

I am not religious; I am spiritual. I grew up in a religious home where we used to go to Church every Sunday and all that but I have surpassed religion. I am spiritual because I know that it takes a lot more than saying you are a Christian. You have to be Christian the way you are, you have to care about other people. That is why I am so grateful for the opportunity to be an ambassador for Action Aid in Nigeria where we are reaching out to help the poor, not just being a celebrity for the sake of it, but to speak for something.

What’s the connection between success and God?

I think God made success possible and he gave you the tools. As a human being, you have to go out there and apply yourself with hard work so that the glory will shine.

As an ambassador for Action Aid, are you planning on opening an NGO soon?

Actually, I have an initiative called the Dakore Initiative but I haven’t really done much with that because I believe in taking baby steps. I don’t just want to come out straight on a world stage; I want to take time to do my homework. So, I first worked with Amnesty International, but that was for control against arms and ammunition. You know that is very political and sensitive, so I wasn’t really able to do justice to that. So when Action Aid came on board, they spoke to me in a way that helping the poor is something I can identify. I have had plenty and I have had lack and I know what both are like. I know I have the ability to reach a lot of people because of my fame and influence, of course

How did you make your first million?

It was a few millions actually. I didn’t make one million. It was not from a film; it was from Amstel Malta. That was when they brought me on board as their ambassador in 2007 and I held that position for three years. Now, Genevieve and Mikel are doing a great job.

What did you do with the money?

I bought a brand new car.

Do you consider that a good investment?

Yes, it is, because I still drive it till tomorrow.

You don’t look your age. How do you maintain your shape?

It takes a lot of hard work. I exercise a lot, I mind what I eat, I go to the gym, I do Yoga and Zumba because I love to dance. It’s hard, but I want to be young for my kids. I try to be disciplined about what I eat, although there are days when I say I must have chocolate today or else there will be hell (laughs).But it’s all about moderation.

What is it about your hair style?

It’s natural. I have always been about natural hair. I carried locks for thirteen years and natural hair for fifteen. When I had my locks, it was a permanent style. I couldn’t do anything else with it. You know women, we love to do lot with our hair and I used to be like that. But I felt I should stick to my natural hair as an African woman, but I also like the versatility I can wear weaves today. I can wear braids tomorrow, so I am enjoying it, but the locks are calling me again. Funny enough, some people were like I decided to lock my hair because of you and then you cut it off. I was like, change is good, change is inevitable; you can’t stay the same. But I appreciate the fact that people came to know me with my locks.

How do you unwind?

Music helps me unwind. I love to either go to the beach or be at home with my kids and husband.

At some point, you tried going into music…

Yes, I am still doing that, but you know gradually, I’m being held to a higher standard now because a few of my colleagues went into it, and they have not been successful. I want to make sure that when I come out, I come out correct. There are no second chances, so I have to make sure I use it well. Music is still in my heart, it is where I feel much at peace. I have been performing here and there in little places. I just go there, sing and run back like it wasn’t me.

What kind of songs do you like?

I am a big fan of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. I love Afrobeat, but I also like contemporary artistes. I love soul music. I love the likes of India Arie, Erykah Badu, Bez, Asa, 2Face Idibia, MI and even Davido. These guys get you dancing. I am just so proud to be an artiste now because when I was starting, it wasn’t a smart thing to do. When you say you want to be a musician or actor they say ahh your own don finish. But it is a great thing to be an artiste now and it’s really encouraging.

You are married now with more responsibilities, how do you cope?

I am a mother of two and, honestly, it has been the grace of God. My husband is a big believer in what I am doing, so do my children, my mom and my nanny. So I have a great family structure that allows me to be here. For instance, I am not at home attending to the baby, which is hard because I want to be at home all the time. But I think it’s important for girls seeing their mom going to work so that they can build their own sense of work ethic and they also get to know they have something to bring to the table.

What is your view about family?

Family for me is the most important thing in life. It is the bedrock of the society, unfortunately, our families are really under pressure right now because mom and dad have to hustle. But I think at the same time, if you instil the right morals and values from a really young age, it goes a long way.

What was growing up like for you?

I am the first child and I have three brothers and a sister. So, I have to always be a good example. I was held to a very high standard and I thank God for that. At a time, my mom was like I have to take care of her kids. I’m so grateful that she did that and now I can pass that on to my own daughters. I have Ayomide who is three years old, but she’s so wise and then there’s Dasola who is one. Growing up was great financially. I didn’t have to bother about anything, I went to great schools. I went to Corona Primary School, which is still one of the best schools in Lagos. But there was also a time when things changed dramatically and I got to see the other side of life, which I will talk about soon but not now.

Which state are you from?

I’m from Bayelsa State. Ijaw, to be precise.

How is the experience being married to a Yoruba man?

It’s amazing. It’s also challenging at times because, of course, we are from different cultures. It’s all about adjusting to each other. He has a great family, so I am lucky. I think Yoruba people are great. I was born and bred in Lagos, so I’m used to the Yoruba culture. The ikunle is not difficult for me. I like that humility and that respect the Yorubas hold for their elders. Because I grew up here, I think it was easy for me to integrate as opposed to if I grew up somewhere else

How long have you been married?

Five years. We dated for four years.

Will you support same-sex marriage?

I believe in the live-and-let-live code. Let God be the ultimate judge. I have friends and associates that I know are gay but I still love them. Jesus loves everybody, he loves the sinners and if you are going to minister to people, you have to come down to their level. You cannot sit on the fence and say my sin is better than yours. So let us leave all that. It is not a diplomatic answer. It is really the way I feel.

Are those your friends Nigerians?

No, I’m not talking about Nigerians. Americans are more open about it, so I know. I’m talking about American friends.

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Photo: Nollywood Meets Hollywood, takes courses in Directing, Producing, Acting and Editing

11 Jul , 2015  



High up in the Santa Monica hills there is the iconic sign; Hollywood. It blazes out a call out to dream makers, dream catchers and the cinematically mesmerized. In the sweltering heat of July, AFRIFF answered the call and sent out a hip group of filmmakers; twenty creatives from Nollywood for a three-week course at the world famous Relativity School, Gideon Okeke to Linda Ejiofor, Lala Akindoju to Uti Nwachukwu and Jude Idada to LilianEsoro.

Right in their beautiful digs in Beverly Hills and in between a fun trip to the popular Santa Monica Beach, a tour of the Warner Brothers studios and Dolby Laboratories where they experienced the dazzling wonders of the new DOLBY ATMOS theatre sound system, Hollywood came out to welcome them. From multi award-winning actors and directors Damon Wayans and Robert Townsend to the Oscar-winning Executive Producer of the ground breaking film The Artist Antoine De Cazotte, from the enigmatic casting director Tiffany Persons to the revered Emmy awards judge Peter Young to the celebrated director of the ground breaking film Desert Dancer Richard Raymond and the popular anchor of the Entertainment Tonight show Kevin Fraizer, it was a show of camaraderie, love, support and the outpouring of invaluable knowledge. A precursor to the intensive classes that would follow in the coming weeks, where the Nollywood creatives would take courses in Directing, Producing, Acting and Editing in the world renowned Relativity Studios. Hollywood beckons and Nollywood is responding.Jude Idada writes from Los Angeles, California, U.S.A

Photo Credit: – Ejiro Onobrakpor

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Veteran Nollywood actor, Lari Williams cries out for help as he becomes homeless and going blind

30 Jun , 2015  



Having given his life to the promotion of the arts, one would think veteran Nollywood actor, Lari Williams should be able to afford some comfort in his old age.

Sadly, that is not the case. At a time the case of Majek Fashek, another hugely talented Nigerian dominates the space, it is disheartening to learn that another popular Nigerian entertainer is having to beg for food, shelter and care.

The apparently dejected actor has called on philanthropists and well-meaning Nigerians to come to his aid as he is not just homeless but also going blind now. While shutting down rumours that he was given a two-bedroom flat by the Federal Government in a recent interview, the actor said: ‘I have heard people say that the Lagos State or the Federal Government had given me a two-bedroom flat somewhere, it is all lies.’

His lamentation that creative persons who have served diligently for several years should not be begging in their old age is not only tear-inducing but also a sad reflection of the Nigerian entertainment setting. ‘We served this country and helped to build the entertainment sector that a lot of people are benefiting from today, but there is nothing for people like me to show for it. ‘Most of us are left unsung because of the kind of structure that is being run; we should be having benefits like the civil servants. In other climes, artists live on government subventions and are structured in such a way that they earn from their creative works.’

The recipient of the MFR mentioned the names of two recently deceased but hugely popular peers who died in a situation not so different from his. ‘Look at Femi Robinson who played the second headmaster-character in the Village Headmaster, a Nigerian television drama, Dan Maraya Jos and others, they all died with nothing.

We are not handing over what we have in us to the next generations; because the room was not created for that,’ he said. Not one to just decry the situation without proffering a solution, he added: ‘Nigerian cultural policy should be looked into so as to fashion out ways that can benefit the government and the practitioners. The present government should be very careful in whom it will appoint as ministers, that it will sent to the arts sector. We need hands-on individuals to be made ministers.

Government needs to have time for the creative sector so that it can have a voice, arts has been the unfortunate ministry. If it is well structured, then we can stop dying poor.’

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Profilic Nollywood actor Joseph Benjamin features in Yoruba movie

19 Jun , 2015  



Award-winning actor, Joseph Benjamin is one talented young man who has done very well for himself in the showbiz terrain. He has done virtually everything in the entertainment industry. Apart from being a celebrated actor, he is a TV host, voice-over artist, model, MC and a singer….

As a way of further underlining his versatility, the Kiss & Tell actor, notably active in the English section of Nollywood, has just featured in a Yoruba language movie titled Omoge Ofege. The handsome dude took a role alongside a host of popular actors like Femi Adebayo, Ireti Osayemi, Temitope  Adeniyi aka Sakira, Mustapha Sholagbade, Jumoke Odetola among others….

The star-studded movie was directed by fast rising director, Okiki Afolayan….

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Nollywood actress Ini Edo goes blonde, peep the new look (photo)

18 Jun , 2015  



Nollywood actress and producer, Ini Edo has unveiled a blonde look. The Akwa Ibom native shared a picture of herself and two other acquaintances but it remains to be seen if the blonde look is just for a movie role or not….

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I won’t mind if my boo wants marathon sex daily – Nollywood actress Tamilore Martins-Ojo

17 Jun , 2015  


Tamilore Martins-Ojo

Rising Nollywood actressTamilore Martins-Ojo fondly called ‘Tammy‘ has just given her view on sex and we find it quite interesting….

The Osun State-born actress revealed in an interview with City People that good sex helps her relax and cool off….

According to Tammy, ‘Sex is a normal thing between adults, and it’s Biblical that we should be having it with our loved ones before we have reproduction. To me, it is a thing I do with someone I love and not who I like, and it’s something I love doing because I know I’m very good at it.’…

Not done with her expose on getting under the sheets, she added: ‘Yes, I can say I’m perfect in love making, but don’t forget I said I love doing it with someone I love. I do have it as long as my partner wants it. I won’t hesitate if he demands for a marathon sex daily. On how I feel if I don’t have it in a week, I will implore you to get me right please, I’m not an addict, sometimes I don’t have sex for months, but when I want to have it, I make sure I do it wholeheartedly. I love it because it makes me feel cool and relaxed. I could as well relax without having sex, but sex cools the mind.’…

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Cossy Orjiakor covers boobs up as she meets veteran nollywood actor Pete Edochie (photos)

16 Jun , 2015  



Cossy Orjiakor covers up as she meets Pete Edochie

Cossy Orjiakor is pictured above with the Nollywood legend Pete Edochie at an event in Owerri .

Cossy Orjiakor is known for showcasing her massive assets, for bests reasons known to her she left many doubts in her fan’s mind as she appeared in a dress that covers up all her assets that is usually being displayed to the public.


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15 Jun , 2015  



The trend of from movie location to the pulpit started with veteran actress Liz Benson, subsequently followed by Eucharia Anunobi, then recently another Nollywood Actress Patience Ozokwor on a church crusade poster, getting ready to preach on ‘Operation Carry Your Miracle‘.

Those who know the star actress well are of the opinion that she was not invited to preach but to serve as a form of marketing to garner attendance for the Port Harcourt based church.

While others argue that there’s nothing wrong if Mama G, as she’s fondly called mounts the pulpit to win souls for Christ.

Patience Ozokwor is well known for her evil and wicked roles in Nollywood movies.